VLOG 4 Comedy Press Kit Prep

Some days I’d like to just not have a to-do list. Just be a mom. Good news is I can do that in short increments each day, and for that I am TRULY grateful. It doesn’t keep me from stressing out about all the things I could be doing to further my business objectives, however, but I do what I can and try not to stress out too much.

The only way I can get things done is to break things down into bite-sized tasks. Yesterday was a day filled with meetings, catching up on emails and phone calls, and a presentation for Women Ignite Idaho while on a carefully timed clock with a baby sitter. That is a luxury I do not take for granted.

Today, home with the kids, I committed to fun time and just a handful of tasks for my new comedy press kit so I can blitz-attack emails later and have everything ready to go. Don’t worry, I had a load of laundry going, and did some dishes…took out the garbage.



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