VLOG 3 Home Again, Home Again

Funny thing about a “quick trip” to Florida is that from Boise, where I live, that means 10-12 hour process to get there, grab a bite, hit the pillow, work for 4 hours in the morning and head right back to the airport for another 10-12 hours to get home. Ahh, the things you have to do when you build a business from scratch. Thankfully, it was a great session of Zip Zap Zop (improv in the workplace) and ultimately, I felt like it was totally worth it.

When I walked in the door at 10pm, two of the three kids were still up to greet me. I’ll count that as a bonus, even though my tired butt was ready to flop right into bed myself.

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  1. Monica

    Totally understand- that is my home state and travel there often. Sucks up a whole day there and back! uGH! Glad you are back!

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