Megan is no stranger to the corporate world. She spent nearly 10 years in retail bank management, and another 3 and a half years managing $7 million in FEMA grant funds for volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention programs around the country. She is enthusiastic about leading people to new levels of creativity and communication using the skills of improvisation.

She co-founded Zip Zap Zop to provide a unique and FUN customized corporate training session to improve the workplace experience for employees in any industry.

  • After 10 years of experience in improvisation, Megan teamed up with her brother, Gavin, to build a training program that takes those same principles in performance improv and applying them to a training program suitable for any business or industry. Zip Zap Zop was founded Sept 2014 and is spreading like a virus. A really GOOD virus.
  • Improv is the hottest thing in corporate training. Because it works.
  • Teaching improv skills in a business setting will enhance the abilities of both individuals and entire companies. Your people will develop better communication skills and the ability to think on their feet. We show you how to foster innovation, confidence, trust, team building, and creativity. Bringing Zip Zap Zop to your organization can rejuvenate any workplace.

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  • Megan is a natural-born storyteller with years of experience dating back to age 12 when she began filling speaking assignments in front of the Sunday church congregation. Now, Megan has encompassed her comedy skills, career history, and life experiences into a power-packed speech delivery that gets audiences laughing and crying, and sometimes laughing until they cry.
  • Speeches can be customized around certain topics, or deliver up any one of her experiences as an entrepreneur, a mother, and a champion for living life to the fullest.