Megan is a seasoned improv comic and a stand-up comedian. She’s an experienced event emcee and her stage presence and wit captivate all types of audiences. Her personality and humorous nature bring a unique energy to professional and private events.
  • In stand-up comedy, the comedian usually recites a grouping of humorous stories, jokes and one-liners typically called a monologue, routine, or act.
  • Megan has been performing stand-up comedy since December 2010.
  • She performs in comedy clubs and private corporate events.
  • Improv is a style of comedy that is created in the moment, without a script or pre-planning. It is often driven by suggested topics from the audience and the stories unfold through collaborative efforts by the performers.
  • Megan has been performing improv comedy for over 10 years.
  • Her troupe performs public shows and for private events and holiday parties.
  • The emcee or Master of Ceremonies is responsible for maintaining the flow and dynamic of an event. As the face and voice of a program, it is critical to have a great emcee to represent the organization or cause.
  • Megan has years of experience as an emcee for galas, fundraisers, awards shows, and comedy shows.
  • She can be hired to help with scripting and flow of an event, or read from prepared material as the program requires.
  • Megan has a unique angle on speaking engagements. She can customize an inspiring speech or presentation to fit into any industry.
  • She is available to keynote, and has spoken at many events including the Women Ignite Idaho Conference.

Megan is the mastermind behind Idaho’s first and only comedy festival – Idaho Laugh Fest. It occurs each January.

  • Megan has been in a number of TV commercials and catalog photo shoots.
  • She has experience in writing, directing, and producing PSA’s, and has been a spokeswoman on film for a California fire service benefits program.
  • Megan has 5 years of experience writing scripts, articles, press releases, and more.