This is where things get personal. Megan has always been an advocate for embracing your own experiences to learn and grow from, and to ultimately reach your maximum potential.

Sharing true stories is the surest way to connect with other people. She has recently determined that her life-changing experience of placing a child for adoption in 1999 is something that needs to be shared with the world. The exact reason is undefined, but sometimes you just have to follow your heart, and allow your vulnerability to touch the lives of others in ways you simply couldn’t plan for.

  • Megan has had a lot of life experiences, but perhaps the most profound was when she placed her first born for adoption in 1999. She is now close friends with the adoptive mother and together they are on a mission to flood social media with the option of adoption. She released the story of her hidden teenage pregnancy to the public on Sept 16th, 2015, capturing the hearts of hundreds of followers and opening their minds to the beauty of adoption. Read her original blogpost here: The Miracle of Adoption – Blogspot
  • Was getting pregnant during her senior year the plan Megan had for herself? Heavens no, but it became an incredible experience that is the foundation for how she lives her life now. She followed the plan of a higher power and she’s excited to share even more intimate details from that time in her life, and some of the stories that continue to shape who she is today, 16 years after placing her daughter for adoption. Megan boldly expresses some of the darkest moments of her young life, citing that it was “not my plan,” but it was THE plan set forth by a loving Heavenly Father.

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